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Live and direct, our girls will take you to the moon and back when you call our direct phone sex line. Our girls all work from home and only log in when they are feeling extra specially dirty so you can have your pick of all the naughty horny women. Its up to you, choose a young sweet sounding student girl for a live, explicit 121 conversation with, or pick a dirty slapper who knows exactly how to please herself and you.

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sacha, naked on the bed with a toy
Sacha getting herself in the mood with her red dildo.
Call Now: 09098 665403
Calls Cost Just 36p Per Minute
Plus access charge

Sacha, 22 is the kind of girl we LOVE here. She is a student at Middlesex University studying for a Theatre Arts degree. Drama students are a wild bunch, and Sacha is no exception. With a liberal and extremely enthusiastic view towards sex she was happy to strip off and play for us without us even asking her.

Sacha studies, works on uni theatre productions and is involved in a couple of semi pro theatre groups in London. She's had a couple of jobs working behind the bar and has occasionally appeared as an understudy in the west end so she's a very busy girl, but despite all that, she's still got time for regular phone sex.

Sacha told us about her wind down routine...

"I love to get back home, turn the heating up and strip down to my undies. I always want to wind down when I get in, whatever time of day or night it is so I'll be looking for some fun. If I can't get someone to come and help me wind down in person, I'll always find some guy to talk dirty with. Playing with myself alone isn't anything like as fun as getting all hot and excited, knowing that a complete stranger or someone I barely know is hard for me at the other end of the phone line. I know, I'm crazy. I've had boyfriends go to the next room and call me before 'cos it turns me on sooooo much more than anything else".

sacha from behind

Girls like Sacha are ready and waiting...
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Dial: 09098 665403
Calls Cost Just 36p Per Minute
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When you dial Direct2Girls, you'll be in for a real treat. We have got the best phone sex girls together in one place, all you have to do is call our number and pick your girl from the sexy intros you'll hear. Once you choose there's no delay, you'll be put straight through to the woman of your choice, she'll be waiting, alone at home for your call and she'll defiantly be ready for you.

When these girls are in the mood for phone sex, all they want is to know that they are getting you nice and hard. Its not going to be difficult getting hard, you'll be there just listening to the sexy intros. By the time you've chosen from our stunning sexy women, you'll be well on the way.

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Sacha's ready to start talking dirty and exploring her fantasies with you, but are you ready for her? The sexy, filthy minded women on are phone sex site are so hot it's insane.

You don't realise how much you can be turned on and how intense your call will be until you experience phone sex with the right girl, and we're sure we have EXACTLY the right girl for you here, the best thing is, the call is cheap so you've got nothing to loose.

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Dial: 09098 665403
Calls Cost Just 36p Per Minute
Plus access charge

Just dial in and get ready for an amazing phone sex experience with our HOT, naughty girls.

Our girls are highly sexually charged little minxes and they want a playmate to share the pleasure with. You'll know as soon as you hear these girls that you are in for a great time. All this pleasure is seconds away, whatever time of day or night, we have phone sex girls ready to talk, flirt, tease and please. When ever you need a steamy, slow, sensual phone sex session, building up gently to an intense climax, we are here. When ever you need to sneak into the toilet for a 60 second wank and you need some inspiration.... we are here. Whatever you need, when ever you need it we have the best phone sex women in the UK, just a phone call away. Make sure you keep hold of our number, you never know when you'll need it.

University Students and Young Girls Available NOW

4 university students naked and waiting for phone sex, 2 in the shower, one on her bed and one in the library.
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Warning! Some of these bitches are WILD!

These girls have only been legal for a couple of years, but they already know how much pleasure they can get from their sexy tight young bodies. There's nothing like discovering your sexuality for the first time, and these are the girls who have chosen to grab every experience they can and enjoy it.

We have a lot of younger women from 18 years old to girls in their mid 20s. Some of these girls are students who have discovered they can masturbate, chat with horny guys on tap and earn some extra money, all at the same time. Some are shy and they use phone sex to express and explore their sexuality. Some are just horny, plain and simple, they are getting all the sex they can but its not enough. They need the extra attention that pone sex gives them between fucking. You'll know which girl you want when you hear her so call our phone sex line for guys who like younger (18+) girls and get ready to have some amazing fun.

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Young Mums Bored At Home

Julie is alone at home most days, she got married young and still has needs, but her man doesn't pay her any attention any more. Young mothers, single and married and young wives who's husbands don't fuck them any more just want the attention of a good hard cock once in a while.

young mum julie takes her top off
09098 665482
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You can call our frustrated young housewives and single mums right now for a hardcore phone fucking session. These women will be truly grateful for the chance to share fantasies and get playful with a willing guy. Treat these women right, and they will do everything to please your cock. These neglected women are stuck at home, not only in the day, but often for weeks at a time so we have housewives and single mums online 24/7 who just want to masturbate with someone. Just dial, and you can be talking to a sexy, horny lady in seconds.

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Girls like Julie are available for a sexy, hot phone sex chat right now. GRAB YOUR COCK, you'll need to be hard and ready to keep up with these frustrated chicks. As soon as you are through they will want your hard cock for their own satisfaction.

Call and help one of our frustrated women get herself off, they all need it so badly.

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Asian Phone Sex Operator Posing Topless
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Thats right, we have some extra special treats for you in the form of our lovely Asian ladies. All our gorgeous girls from the east are so eager to give pleasure.

These girls truly want nothing more than to offer their petite, dark skinned bodies, with those pert perky tits, coffee bean nipples, long legs and sweet, tight pink pussies over to you. You can do exactly what you please with these subservient, sweet, naughty Asian girls. Any request is met with a genuine desire to please so if you like to take control and have a lady do exactly what you need then our Asian girls are defiantly for you.

Real sexual pleasure with these spicy, exotic women are just a phone call away.

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We hope you've enjoyed the lines we have here - but we know this is only a small site with a select few sex lines on offer. Thats why we decided to reccomend some of our friends sites for those of you who want more choice. Maybe you have a more specialist taste and you need a specific festish line to satisfy you, or perhaps you just want to see more sexy photos and videos of girls getting off on the phone. Well, there's a brand new site that's just starting out, but it is looking great so far. Ok - we love that as soon as you hit the front page, you get a stream of naked girls masturbating - you just don't see enough websites with that these days! Anyway, visit for more amazing phone sex girls. Don't worry about the price ether, they've kepy it nice and cheap. All the lines there are 36p per minute so you can relax and take your time with these girls.

We'd also like to tell you about a new site that claims to have the UK's shortest intro. Every time you dial a premium rate sex line, you need to listen to a recorded message before you get a chance to connect you your live operator. Some of this message is a legal requirement such as the nature and cost of the call, but a lot of services do keep the recording going a while. have managed to cut the intro down and we think they are right in claiming that it's the shortest intro out of any premium rate phone sex line in the UK. The cost per minute is higher, but if you are in a hurry to connect to a girl that will help you jack it and shoot your load, then this is the place for you.

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